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App of the Week!  “What’s better than monster’s playing music?” - Kate Northway       >>>>>>>>>>>Review<<<<<<<<<<<<

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The app formerly known as Monster Jam is now Axe's Monster Fest!

Check out the February '13 issue of Dallas Child Magazine and see what they have to say about Grendel's Great Escape

>>>>>App Rater<<<<<< Axe's Monster Fest "The quality of entertainment provided by apps is not as good as it used to be. Monster Jam, a newly released iOS app, is here to change that. It is a perfect entertainment for kids of ages 4 to 8, while also teaching them a lot."

>>>>>Apps 400<<<<< Axe's Monster Fest: "This storybook is very likely to be a part of every child’s tongue real soon. The graphics are awesome with cute characters. The audition part is very funny with many different singers coming for the audition and creating a mess all around in a funny way. But then there are some of the best voices also recorded on the journey and they’ll certainly raise the tempo."

>>>>>Apps Mirror<<<<< Axe's Monster Fest: "When you’re designing a storybook, characters and backgrounds are the most important of the things because they attract the children most. I must say that the designers have done a decent job here both with the cute characters and stylish backgrounds. Overall, it’s a perfect storybook for children where they can enjoy the story as well as play with the band."

>>>>>Apps4Review<<<<< Axe's Monster Fest:
  • Monster Jam is a children’s book app with an innovative Rock Music theme to build reading skills and music awareness and to improve problem solving as a team in order to achieve goals.
  • The app utilizes narration, touch interaction, animation and games to make the experience truly unique without being patchy.

>>>>> Digital Storytime <<<<<  Axe's Monster Fest: "The interactivity & light animation are fun, but the story itself is the highlight, featuring a tween-friendly plot about a garage band with monster youth as characters."
Grendels Great Escape:"This adorable book app will enchant young readers with a hilarious tale about a young boy who brings his ferret to school. This is a perfectly enhanced book app with beautiful, story-related interactivity and lots of polished animation. Grendel explores the school in this humorous tale, taking young readers into all the familiar locations an escaped pet might hide."

>>>>> The iMums <<<<< Grendels Great Escape:"An interactive storybook about a little boy named Martin and his cute pet ferret, Grendel.  This app reminded me of my son who will procrastinate to get out of almost anything including chores!  I loved the hide and seek aspect of the book along with the, “I will do it later!”  Grab it!"

>>>>> I Heart This App <<<<< "Grendel’s Great Escape is another solid interactive storybook app that you can let your children read and experience. From the nice illustrations, original music and sound effects, and numerous interactive elements to discover, your child will surely be immersed in this funny adventure story."

 >>>>> Smart Apps For Kids <<<<< Grendels Great Escape:"Today's Featured App will strike a chord with any parent who has had to deal (patiently) with a child who likes to procrastinate. Does the phrase 'Oh, I'll do it later' sound familiar to anyone. Meet Martin and his very cute pet ferret, Grendel."

 >>>>> The Appy Ladies <<<<< "Grendel’s Great Escape is a cute interactive storybook app telling the story of a kid named Martin trying to find his escaped ferret Grendel in school."   

>>>>> The iPhone Mom <<<<< Grendels Great Escape:"If you are looking for a new storybook app to share with your children, I would recommend checking out Grendel’s Great Escape HD…especially if they have pets of their own!"
>>>>> Dallas Child Magazine <<<<< " With the swipe of a finger, Children can bring characters to life in this interactive storybook App "Grendel's Great Escape"

>>>>> PICTURE BOOK DEPOT <<<<< Absolutely loves outstanding picture books, and that’s why we’re supporting Project Director Michelle Anaya and her adorable KickStarter project, MONSTER JAM" - Rita Lorraine Hubbard

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