Team & Resources

Blue Sandpiper Imprints works with a global creative support team to create the best apps. With resources in countries such as Australia, Europe, Jamaica & the US, we work via Skyle, face-time, google hangout & e-mail to share ideas each step along the way.

illustration & Animation

Axe's Monster Fest's Illustrator 
Victor Guiza has over 28 years of experience as a Creative Development Designer.
He has a true passion to create! He has spent most of his career as a freelancer, working with clients worldwide in comics, animation, advertising, children's books and toys, illustration, design and development.
Vic won the DragonPencil Gold Medal of Honor in 2007 for Superior Illustration, the 2008 EVVY Award from CIPA, and both a Gold Medal and Silver Medal from Mom’s Choice Awards in 2010. In 2012 the iPad app Treasure Kai, illustrated by Vic, received the New Media Film Festival winner award in San Francisco. Besides all of the above, Vic is a happy man! And we’re happy to have him on board. [email protected] /

Grendel's Great Escape's Illustrator
Kenny Dewitt is an accomplished Picture book and App Illustrator based in Tybee Island,GA.
Kenny has applied his amazing Illustration skills to the creation of Grendel's Great Escape. His creativity and professionalism made him the perfect choice to bring the Grendel's Great Escape App's characters to life. Kenny's Illustration's show's his love & passion for his craft. 

AnGalynn Chastain is the talented illustrator that created the supplemental images for the Grendel's Great Escape book and app. Her style is very versatile and she is very intuitive in discerning the projects needs. Contact: [email protected]

Character Illustrator
Manuela Soriani, based in Italy is a very talented and creative professional with a diverse portfolio illustrating picture books & comics. Her character illustrations for this web-page are detailed and beautiful. 

App Development

App Developer
Blake Harris is a skilled and creative app programer. His apptitude todards detail ensured a flawless app.
He has a degree in Game Design and spends his free time programming for iPhone and running Dungeons and Dragons campaigns.
Project Manager
Margaret Cogswell- Project Manager and book layout designer, has been my go to person throughout the enitire process of developing the apps and creating my Picture book layouts.
Margaret has a lifelong love affair with writing, her greatest passion is writing short stories. She has a Game Design degree.

Editing & Critiquing

Editing & Critique services
Laura Backes of Children’s Book Insider is the accomplished editor who critiqued my manuscripts. She was able to view my stories from the perspective of a child, walking me through the areas that needed more development and the development of the main character's voice. I was able to discuss alternative ideas to add interest as she directed me on the strengths and weaknesses of the plot. [email protected]

Editing/Proof-reading and subject expert
Catherine Matt did the initial editing on Grendel’s great escape, she’s a great proofreader and subject expert. I was able to submit various projects to get her feed back on which ideas would best appeal to the four to eight age group. She's in her element as an elementary teacher for the past 12years.

Narration & Sound

Mark Henderson Music
Mark is an award-winning music composer, internationally recognized for his musical compositions for theatre, film, television, radio, book apps and corporate patrons. His musical cues for Grendel's Great Escape Book App greatly enhances the interactive experience.

Dean Adams music

Dean is an alumni of the Conservatorium of Music in Australia. He works as a performer, composer and arranger worldwide. He has scored a feature film and several short films, written music for children's books and been featured on Australian and New York radio. He is a multi instrumentalist who's created & captured the Rock Music atmosphere for the Axe's Monster Fest book App series.

Contact: [email protected]

Melissa Reizian has a versatile voice that ranges from a smooth read to upbeat. She can give your project a voice. Years of Journalism and Theatrical training combined with more than a decade as a voice actor made Melissa a natural choice as a narrator 

​Jarod & Gryffin Frank are a dynamic duo of amazingly talented voice actors. The children characters came alive with their amazing interpretation.

Jon Carter's voice overs are heard daily around the world. Radio Imaging, Television Promos, Commercials, Narrations, even On Hold. His energy and enthuasism makes him a natrual choice for narrating the Rock Music themed Axe's Monster Fest.

Extra extra read all about it!

Suzzette Turnbull, the Social Media Diva, is the Founder of Social Media for Entertainers. 
An online platform where the industry and the entertainers meet. As a resource destination, it helps entertainers build their career and get the exposure they need to be successful.

Digital Kids Author & App development Coach
Karen Robertson is an Author and the interactive book app developer of the Treasure Kai series. She is the author of two e-Books: The Author’s Guide to Book Apps and How to Market a Book App which are great resources for Authors. These Resources include: Illustrators, App Developers, Editors, Narrators, Music and Reviewers, promotion and marketing plans.

Picture book depot - Picture Book is a children's book review site that focuses on finding, reviewing & advertising children's picture books for book lovers of every age. ----"Everybody loves a good picture book!"