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While T.J learns to read, he enjoys creating his own stories while looking at the pictures.

"The best page in Grendel's Great Escape is the lunch room, when the lunch lady chased Grendel around with the broom, I like squirting the ketchup an mustard bottles. My brother likes to wake up the laundry monster" -  Hannah and Mekhi

NSSLHA conference - Grendel's Great Escape

NSSLHA conference -  Axe's Monster Fest on Display

NSSLHA conference - Play time for Axe's Monster Fest.

           "This is awesome, so much slime" - Josh

                     "I love this app, especially the tic tac toe game" - Ian

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                                 "Finally! ...  it's my turn" - Wyatt

                              "These monster's are soooo cool - Marissa

Andrew found all the hidden interactions all by himself.

            Alex showing his brother around Grendel's Great Escape 

                                        It's fun for big kids too - Ian & Maya

Behind the scenes How apps are made

Fun Ferret Facts and

Fun Rock and Roll Facts