Blue Sandpiper Imprints was created to publish visually stimulating and interactive digital book apps.
To Instill a love for reading among Children is our primary goal.
Book Apps promote reading due to the animation, touch interactivity, music and activities. Read...Play....Explore! 

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           Michelle Anaya - Children's Book and App Author

While doing research for print designs in New York, Michelle discovered the vividly illustrated picture book “My hair is full of colors” It inspired her to incorporate her prints and love for color within picture book Apps.
She writes guest blogs on her experience as a writer and writes her own blogs. One blog is geared towards busy middle aged moms and the other is about children's books and apps. 

With two sons, the importance of encouraging voluntary reading among Children is important to her, and lead to the decision to create the Grendel's Great Escape Picture book app. This interactive story is a Show and Tell day adventure with Martin and his elusive pet ferret. It was inspired by her son who lives with ADHD, his creativity, imagination & energy makes everyday an adventure. 
Michelle has also developed a Rock Music themed Book App called Axe's Monster Fest which has been named app of the week twice by I heart this app and Dandelion momsShe is currently developing  the picture book version Axe's Monster Fest, Grendel's Great Escape and the world music themed book app Axe's World Tour

Michelle attended The Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. After graduating, she worked as a Print Designer in the Apparel Industry. She has written freelance Interior Design articles and Artist reviews for magazines. Michelle currently lives North of Dallas, TX. where she blogs, develops book Apps and works as a freelance Graphic designer.

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