All about making book apps

I'm Michelle, 

the writer and App developer of Grendel's Great Escape and the Axe's Monster Fest series. 

     Have you ever wondered how Apps are made? It all starts with the imagination, first there's an idea, no idea is too big or small or silly. I carry around a notebook to write down or sketch every idea that pops into my head & I take lots of pictures.

     Both my sons help to develop the ideas because they know exactly what kids like. Once the idea becomes a story....that's when the real adventure begins. 

     Pictures are drawn by an illustrator and animated to show everything that's happening in the story. Music is written and recorded then we throw in sound effects. The narrator then reads and records the story in a sound studio. When this is all done, a programmer combines everything in digital form so that it can be played on a digital tablet or smart phone. Now scroll down and let's take a peek behind the scenes.

              The making of
              Grendel's Great Escape

Grendel & Martin's Sketchbook

The making of Axe's Monster Fest

Illustrations of Axe and the Groundhogs were first sketched on paper and then digitally colored and brought to life on the computer. The computer graphics of all the monsters were then animated.

Axe's Monster Fest Sketchbook

The Narration and voices on an App are provided by voice actors. Child actors Jarod, Gryffin & Kiayl created the voices for Martin & his friends in Grendel's Great Escape as well as the characters in Axe's Monster Fest and The Monsterrific Music World Tour.

Jarod: the Voice of Martin & Axe


Gryffin: the Voice of Chris & Banger


Meet Kiayl the Voice of JD


                                 Sound Studio

Ian is the inspiration behind Axe's Monster Fest, now recording the lyrics for song 'Smashing Daisies' 

Background Music & Sound Effects

Music & Sound Sprites are very important in creating the right mood for the story. They can be happy or sad, exciting, calm or even funny. Without sound it would be very boring. Check out these sound sprites -->